Vitamin C Benefits For Your Skin


Homemade Vitamin c serum

Vitamin C Benefits For Your Skin 

So many of you have asked me what DIY beauty I use on a daily basis. To Begin; one of the DIY products I can not live without is my Vitamin C serum. It helps my skin feel and look great.I apply it all over my face and neck every SINGLE night before I go to bed.

Vitamin C serum is one of the priciest skin care products on the market.  But today I am going to show you how you can make your own for under $10! Get excited people!!

There’s probably not a product on the market that doesn’t boast Vitamin C as an ingredient, but here’s the thing. Vitamin C is highly volatile and breaks down very quickly. By the time a skincare product is packaged, shipped, shelved, and hits your cart, the Vitamin C within is already well on its way out of town. The yards-long ingredient list you’ll find on these products is the manufacturer’s desperate attempt to stabilize this beast. Which translates to low Vitamin C benefit for your skin, plus a daily schmear of random chemical soup.

 Homemade Serum Recipe



  1. Mix ingredients in a small bowl until the granules are dissolved
  2. Transfer to a dark glass bottle
  3. Apply to the skin at night after cleansing and toning
  4. Let the serum soak in and then apply your moisturizer as usual

Notes: An easy way to make sure your Vitamin C is in the perfect form to get the most benefits you can use a pH test strip. Your serum should be right around 3.5.
Secondly, remember, vitamin C oxidizes quickly so my recommendation is to use it quickly. Make a small batch and use it only for 3-5 days. It is some extra work, but trust me, the benefits are worth it.

Use an amber glass bottle to store the serum as vitamin C degrades quickly with light. Hence, do not store using clear glass.

This serum is great to use on the backs of your hands as well. As most of us already know, sun spots show up on the hands first. Vitamin C can cause your skin to be a little red at first. When you apply it, a small amount of tingling is normal. If it is burning, remove it immediately. Don’t worry – you can just add more water and/or glycerin to your mixture. This will dilute the Vitamin C so it is more suited for your skin.

My recommendation is to use this only at night to start. If you think your skin can handle more go ahead and use twice a day.

Here are some amazing benefits that you can get from using vitamin C face serum:

  • Produces collagen
  • Smoothens skin
  • Sun protection
  • Reduces/removes age spots
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Boosts benefits of skin peels and microdermabrasion

Enjoy and please come back and let me know how you like this if you try it out!

Homemade Vitamin C Serum For A beautiful, Youthful Looking Skin

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Massiva Ouali BA, LSH, CRTS is a part time blogger, author and a mom on a mission to help her family live a better and healthier life through Mediterranean recipes cooking, natural beauty, personal care and cleaning recipes, successful parenting and much more. The recipes she shares have been tested and approved by her family of 5. Her goal is to help you reach your best in health and wellness. She named her blog after a therapy called '"Raindrop Technique” that she practices. She is a true believer that God’s/Allah's medicine is in the plants and essential oils. Join her on a mission of inhaling blessings and exhaling gratitude.


  1. Mehreen says

    Can I use pure as orbit acid? I bought it a while ago for vitamin c mask that contained as orbit acid and vitamin e but it turned my face really red and I had red dead patch of skin on my cheek. Will that serum do the same thing?
    Also can I use filtered water instead?

    Thank you

    • Massiva says

      Hello Mehreen,

      All the recipes I make I taste them on my skin first. This recipe doesn’t contain the ingredient you mentioned. I usually recommend only the brands I used myself too. I am sure filtered water should be fine. Just don’t use essential oils that you find at the grocery store. They will bun your skin. Thank you for reading me and let me know if you have any questions.


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