Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe


 Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe

Homemade easy to make non toxic red lipstick

I had a girls night at my home and we had fun making lots of beauty DIY, Lipsticks, romantic massage oil, bath bombs, smoothing facial oil…etc.

I love making my own products. After trying some lipsticks recipes with infused herbs and flowers for colors, my best result in coloring is by using a mineral called Mica, It’s often used in mineral makeup, soaps and other natural beauty products.  Mica is a brittle silicate mineral and it comes in many colors. It is considered safe and non-toxic. You can read more about it here.

Remember I only recommend products that I have used and trust myself. Learn more about the essential oils I us

Natural Homemade Lipstick Recipe


You can use any color options you like. I personally love the outcome of this combination.This lipstick can be used at the beach to protect your lips from burning.


  1. Melt coconut oil, Shea or cocoa butter and beeswax in a double boiler.
    Remove from heat.
  2. Wait ONE minute to let it cool a little to make sure we preserve the thearpeutic properties of the essential oils.
  3.  Stir in Mica Powder and essential oils .
  4. stir and mix with the end of a spoon and let it harden for a few seconds. Test the color and scent with your finger or on the skin of your wrist to make sure you like it. You can always add more color if you like.
  5. Use a glass dropper to quickly transfer the mixture to the lip gloss containers.
    Let cool for 1 hour. Cap and use as needed.

Essential oils are not created equal, if you ever want to make your DIY please make sure to use the ones I recommend. I only use and recommend Young living essential oils.

Do you want to get started? Get your premium stater kit here to begin your adventure.

I would love to read some your beauty recipes. Feel free to share some in a comment.

Homemade easy to make non toxic red lipstick

Massiva Ouali BA, LSH, CRTS is a part time blogger, author and a mom on a mission to help her family live a better and healthier life through Mediterranean recipes cooking, natural beauty, personal care and cleaning recipes, successful parenting and much more. The recipes she shares have been tested and approved by her family of 5. Her goal is to help you reach your best in health and wellness. She named her blog after a therapy called '"Raindrop Technique” that she practices. She is a true believer that God’s/Allah's medicine is in the plants and essential oils. Join her on a mission of inhaling blessings and exhaling gratitude.


  1. Stephanie says

    I was never a gal that used a whole lot of cosmetics, but I do have a small bagful. I have never purchased lipstick because I didn’t like the chemicals and icky stuff in most brands, and the cruelty free or natural brands are too expensive – it’s better to skip it all together! I was really excited when I found this recipe @, because now I can be comfortable wearing a truly natural lipstick! I can’t wait to try this out – thanks a bunch!

    • Massiva says

      H Stephanie I am so glad you like the recipe. I hate chemicals in beauty products, so I have been making my own for two years now. If you need more ideas checkout my DIY page. I am posting a new recipe every week. Or you can also sign up for my newsletter to get weekly updates. Thank you for taking a moment to write a great comment!

  2. Carrie says

    Hi I was wondering because citrus fresh is photosensitive I’m nervous about using in the lip stick what do yo Suggest to put with carrot seed oil that is not photosensitive


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