Homemade Scented Drawer Sachet


Homemade Scented Drawer Sachet

DIY Lavender Sachets

I made these beauties for a vendor event and they were a big hit. They would make a perfect easy DIY gifts for friends and family. San Francisco is very humid and I always feel the need of having some kind of scented stuff to keep the closets and storages not smelling moldy. I bought some of the cedarwood sticks they sell at the store, but I realized that their smell gave me a huge headache. I can’t deal with perfume grade products at all. My journey to making my own beauty, personal and cleaning products is is becoming a passion. I love it and I am seeing great results in the overall health of my family. Checkout some of my other recipes here. 

Homemade Scented Drawer Sachet

Did you know that synthetic household and personal care products are destroying your health? Do you wish to know why your immune system is weak, why you are always fatigued, and why you and your family have all those mystery illnesses and “genetic” disorders? You may find the answers in your cleaning products, medicine cabinet, laundry products, foods, municipal water, in “healthy” products (soy, canola, margarine) and in your air fresheners. There is an endless barrage of unregulated toxic retail products ranging from Clorox wipes to hand sanitizers and air fresheners. The long-term health consequences of these products multiplied together invariably become much worse than any infection or other seemingly isolated ailment.

It’s very important to learn how to make some easy and money saving DIY personal and cleaning products to protect both your health and the environment. All the recipes I share are easy and affordable and can last a long time. Today’s recipe makes a great gift for friends and family for the holidays.

How to make homemade scented drawer sachet: 



  1. Fill up the little bag with the dried lavender and clove mixture
  2. Add 5 drops lavender essential oils
  3. Close and hang in the closet, put in drawers and storages

Do you have any household DIY recipes you would like to share? Please feel free to discuss it in a comment so readers can benefit more.

Did you know that essential oils are a great way to get ride of toxic chemicals products around your home and make your own?Learn more how they work here.

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DIY Lavender Drawer Sachets

Massiva Ouali BA, LSH, CRTS is a part time blogger, author and a mom on a mission to help her family live a better and healthier life through Mediterranean recipes cooking, natural beauty, personal care and cleaning recipes, successful parenting and much more. The recipes she shares have been tested and approved by her family of 5. Her goal is to help you reach your best in health and wellness. She named her blog after a therapy called '"Raindrop Technique” that she practices. She is a true believer that God’s/Allah's medicine is in the plants and essential oils. Join her on a mission of inhaling blessings and exhaling gratitude.


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