Homemade Natural Makeup Powder



Homemade natural makeup powder foudation

DIY makeup sounds too complicated for certain people, while in reality it’s very easy to make. As a mother of three boys, there is hardly no time to put some makeup on and when I do, it really needs to be 100% natural/ non toxic as I have very sensitive skin. This Homemade natural makeup powder is made with ingredients that are safe to eat. In fact, many of these ingredients you may already be using in your real food kitchen. What’s better than that?

Homemade Natural Makeup Powder Recipe



  1. Mix all your foundation powder ingredients in the bowl, starting with the arrowroot as your base.The amount you use of each ingredient will greatly depend on your skin complexion
  2. Add each ingredient little by little gradually and whisk together
  3. Test the color by placing a small amount on your face (or arm) with your finger. It may take a little tweaking the first time to make the perfect shade for your complexion
  4. Add frankincense essential oil and shake well
  5. Store your foundation powder in a small container and use a dry sponge or brush to apply

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Homemade Natural Makeup Powder

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