Homemade Mediterranean Pizza Sauce



Homemade Mediterranean Pizza Sauce Recipe

Homemade pizza making is becoming our favorite weekend hobby with the kids. I had a friend from Algeria over for dinner few weeks ago and she volunteered to teach me how to make my own homemade mediterranean pizza sauce recipe. I usually use this paleo brand, but who wouldn’t want to eat a homemade mediterranean pizza made from scratch? I am only going to share her incredible easy pizza sauce recipe today. The whole thing was delicious and I didn’t have time to photo shoot, everyone was inpatient to eat, but I promise that I will share the paleo pizza dough recipe in my future posts.

Why you should make your own pizza?

Cooking your pizza yourself allows you to control the ingredients and make it healthier. Store bought pizza sauce is loaded with sodium, sugar, gluten, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients, this without taking in consideration what goes in the dough. Not all pizzas are created equal, so making it at home will be the best thing. After few trials with the kids. I can tell you that it’s one of the most easy seasonal meals to make when you are running out of ideas. And the best thing about it, is you can top it with whatever you want and it stays delicious. You are only limited to your imagination when deciding what to put on your pizza. In Addition to healthy benefits, making it at home is so cheap. The actual price of putting together a quality pizza at home is much cheaper than buying pizza at a pizzeria. No more adding 2$ for each topping. You can put as many as you want.

Homemade Mediterranean Pizza Sauce Recipe


  • 4 tomatoes
  • 1 red or green bell pepper
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano ( buy it here )
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil ( buy it here )
  • Sea salt and black pepper for seasoning


  1. Cut the tomatoes into four pieces
  2. Put all the ingredients in a pan
  3. Cook on medium heat for 30 minutes
  4. Puree everything in the blander. I use this one.

If you have any recipe you would like to share please do so in a comment.

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