Essential Oils Face And Body Scrub Recipe


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Quality beauty products are hard to source and they are usually full of harsh chemicals. Face and body scrubs are a must have for every woman, because they are one of the very important beauty routine that gives the skin it’s natural radiance.  Have you ever experienced skin tone different after the beach tan is gone? Well,  winter is the time to pumper and take care of your skin and give it the nourishment it needs. Exfoliating both body and face with scrubs are one of the most affective ways to bring the smoothness and youthful look back to your skin.

Benefits of Exfoliation 

The gentle application of an exfoliant scrub enables the flaky old skin cells to be removed from the surface of the skin. This beauty method leaves the skin feeling fresh, smooth and  more supple, and also brightens the appearance. It is important to use a product and application method that is most suited to your skin type as overexfoliating may cause the skin to become irritated and dry. The scrub I am sharing with you today is made with 100% therapeutic essential oils from Young Living ( BUY THEM HERE ) and other 100% organic ingredients.

  1. Removal of dead skin cells helps with skin discoloration
  2. Exfoliating keeps the skin soft and glowing
  3.  Kills bacteria and prevents breakouts
  4.  Improves product penetration and treatment results
  5.  Helps with the detoxification of the skin
  6.  The removal of dead skin cells speeds up the skin renewal process, allowing smoother, healthier skin cells to take their place

Essential oils Face and Body scrub recipe



Mix all the dry ingredients together, add all the oils. The mix shouldn’t be dry or too loose. If you experience any of that please add some sugar or almond oil. Some brands of salts and sugars absorb liquids differently.

You can either apply the scrub and massage your skin to exfoliate with your fingers or use  gloves, or mitts. Those helps remove dead skin cells from rough parts of the epidermis as you wash. Applying circular movements, working from the feet towards the heart, will also help improve circulation of blood in the body (Buy mitts here).

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