Dry Skin Face Moisturizer


Dry Skin Face Moisturizer

DIY Dry Skin Face Moisturizer

My journey to make my own DIY products continues with success. My focus these past few weeks has been about the DIY I use almost everyday in the bathroom and simplifying my beauty routine by making my own beauty and personal care products. Does your skin get dry at certain periods of the year or even just with some hormonal change? What kind of dry skin moisturizer are you using now?

Today I am sharing a very easy and affective dry skin face moisturizer cream. The skin around my lips and the top of my nose tend to get really dry during winter. I tried several expensive store bought creams with supposedly safe ingredients without success. I made a vitamin C oil face which I love and apply every night and saw amazing results with just using that, but I decide I want a moisturizer that I can use during the day. I massage it to my skin for about a minute. When  applying it before my foundation it helps it go on very smoothly.

Dry Skin Face Moisturizer recipe


Note: Please use organic ingredients when possible. Checkout the links provided for the products I use and trust myself.


  1. In a double boiler put the beeswax to melt
  2. Add the Shea butter and the coconut oil
  3. Mix throughly until everything is melted
  4. remove from the heat and add the almond oil
  5. Stirr a little more to cool it down a little bit and then add the essential oils and vitamin E oil
  6. Store in a glass jar with a lid and use morning and evening

I couldn’t believe how perfectly this moisturizer has worked on my skin. I apply just a tiny bit and massage it on my skin for about a minute to let it penetrate.  I am happy to save money and know that I am avoiding tons of toxic chemicals by making my own.

Have you ever made your own moisturizer?

DIY Dry Skin Face Moisturizer

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