Affording Healthy Food


Often times I hear people saying; We would love to eat healthy, but we really can’t afford it. Let me tell you something, I was thinking the exact same thing just few years ago. In reality, you save so much more $$ by eating healthy. And of course you save your health which is most important.  In this post I will be sharing with you some tips that helped my family eat healthy on a budget.

Affording Healthy Food

10 Tips For How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

  1. Buy local and seasonal fruits and vegetables:Affording healthy Food I am very fortunate to live just two blocks away from a two time a week farmers market. The civic center San Francisco farmers market is the best. I know most of my farmers and built a strong relationship with them. I have an extra freezer in my pantry and freeze as much as possible fruits and vegetables. Checkout these great tips from on how to freeze fruits and vegetables from  .
  2. Make a weekly meal plan:5 Healthy Dinner Recipes Meal planing is an excellent way to eat healthy and save money. I usually meal plan for a weak. One of the best meal plans I found this one from my paleo friends bloggers. The reason why I really love this meal plan is because it’s really organized and gets me to what I really want for a weekly meal plan in less than an hour. sucrificing just an hour of my time a week to meal plan has reduced my weekly spending with 40%.
  3. Keep your fridge tidy: I use to just shop shop and get home and find that I have already what I got in the fridge, but was hiding behind the milk bottles or something. Now I let my fridge get completely empty before taking a trip to Costco.
  4. Order in bulk: I always order in bulk non-perishable goodies like coconut and almond flour for example.
  5. Watch for sale: Affording healthy foodI like to shop the end of the farmers market because usually everything goes 50% off or more.
  6. Repurpose leftovers: If you are one of those people who mind leftovers you are missing on big savings. Read this amazing post from Paleo Leap on how to use your leftovers.
  7. Get less expansive cuts of meat:Affording healthy foodsMeat is meat right. I understand that you want the best cuts when you have guests, but the pieces that don’t look very pretty will make your dish as flavorful as the the fancy cuts. Just get cheaper cuts. They are usually $2 cheaper. Here is one big smart saving.
  8. Eat organ Meats: Organ meats are usually cheaper with more nutrients values. Lamb liver and tongue are my favorites. will blog those recipes very soon.
  9. Get to know your farmer or butcher:Affording healthy food We love our butcher. He has been serving us for more than 10 years now. He carries grassfed-meat at a reasonable price and we usually order in bulk and share with our friends for a cheaper price. If you are in San francisco or the Bay Area pay him a visit and mention my blog. He will for sure take good care of you. He also carries the best Moroccan spices, olive oil and a variety of organic produce. The store name is “Salama Halal” It’s located on the corner of Johns street and Geary Blvd, San Francisco.
  10. Save money in other areas around the house: Be creative. I have been  making DIY cleaning, personal and beauty care. It’s fun and your health will thank you for that.
  11. Eat at home: Eating out is a lifestyle for some people, but for me eating at home is a better yet healthier lifestyle.  I got to a point were I hate eating out thinking about all the MSG, the artificial color, food flavors, the non organic vegetables and meats, the farm raised seafood….etc
  12. Shop at Thrive Market:  This is a Costco meets online, but even better choices. Thrive market has been a wonderful discovery for our family. I live two blocks away from Costco, but sometimes I don’t find all what I need there. I use to brake my wallet shopping at whole foods and thank god those days are gone. Their sale price beats every grocery store and even amazon. Check it out here.
  13. Grow your own:Affording healthy foodEven if you live a city life, in the very tiniest apartment in the world, you can still find a way to grow a little something. Herbs for example. I always have a pot of mint and rosemary by my living room window. We are also fortunate to be part of our building community garden and this year we planted zucchini, lettuce, kale, peas, herbs, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries. I joined just for some fun time gardening with the kids and now we are all obsessed.
  14. Do it step by step: Affording healthy foodWhen we first decided that we have to start eating organic. I first started with the 12 dirty fruits and vegetables and then gradually expanding. I would say that we are not at 100% organic now, but we are close enough.

Don’t forget that by eating organic and grass-fed you are not only taking care of your health, but also  you are preserving the water, the soil and the  environment in general.

Do you have any tips you would like to share with me? Feel free to leave a comment.

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Massiva Ouali BA, LSH, CRTS is a part time blogger, author and a mom on a mission to help her family live a better and healthier life through Mediterranean recipes cooking, natural beauty, personal care and cleaning recipes, successful parenting and much more. The recipes she shares have been tested and approved by her family of 5. Her goal is to help you reach your best in health and wellness. She named her blog after a therapy called '"Raindrop Technique” that she practices. She is a true believer that God’s/Allah's medicine is in the plants and essential oils. Join her on a mission of inhaling blessings and exhaling gratitude.

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