7 Tips to Help you Relax During Labor


Labor pain could be very stressful especially for first time moms. I had a really bad birth experience with my first child and learned my lesson. I was very young having him at age 22 and didn’t know what labor was all about.I have learned a lot since then.

I asked for every medicine that could exist to ease my long hours of labor pain and ended vomiting like crazy and couldn’t help push my baby out. likely i didn’t go for a c section, but my baby was pulled out with using forceps. The worse thing about all that is that my epidural worked only for numbing my legs and felt all the pain.

With my second child being too close in age with his brother (18 months apart) my labor was not bad, I didn’t panic to ask for all those pain killer medications  and labor was better. now with my third one I felt like an expert in handling and fighting my pain.

I practiced some tips that I will share with you below and that really made a huge difference. The essential oil experience was far away the best for me this time. every time I felt a contraction it seems like I had the confidence and strength to fight it back. You can get your oils here are some of the tips that helped me:

7 Tips to Help you Relax During Labor:

1.Drink ice water every time you feel a contraction: I never thought something like that would help ease the pain. My friends who is a natural childbirth doula recommended that. In my experience as soon as I take a sip of ice water I felt that it goes straight to were the pain comes from and numb it a little bit.

2. Roll on a birthing ball: That can increase blood flow to the uterus, placenta and baby, encourages rotation of a posterior baby, may relief pressure on swollen anterior lip of cervix.

3. Add essential oils: Inhale your favorite essential while practicing breathing, rub some panAway behind on your back and put few drops of peace and calm in on your neck.

4. Use a heating pack: Put  a heated pack on your back and or your lower abdomen, heat is usually good for cramping. I use this heating pad.

5. Add Massage: Have someone massage your spine; massage helps with pain and relaxation. I was lucky to have my husband there to help. But a good friend can also do this.

6. Use a warm bath: Bathing in warm (99 or 100 degree Fahrenheit) water is a great way to relax, and it temporarily eases your pain. It’s also best to wait until the contractions are closer to get in the bath.

7. Abdomen lifting; while standing, interlock the fingers of your hands and place them beneath your belly against your pubic bone. During a contraction, lift your abdomen up, while bending your knees. This often relieves back pain and may improve the position of your baby in your pelvis.

I hope these tips will help give you manage your labor pain better. Please add your comments and tell me more about your own experience. Motherhood is the best thing that could happened to you in the whole wide world. Soon enough you will forget the pain and would want to do it all over again. Best wishes for all of you!

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